Zuma Deluxe - Hit or Knit

Zuma Deluxe. Hit or Knit. This zuma game has several levels of difficulty that you must overcome. In this case, the playing field in a room and around it a winding path passes along which skeins of colored wool follow each other forming a continuous chain to the basket. The shape of the path to the basket changes with each level of difficulty. The objective of this Zuma Deluxe game is to eliminate the skeins of colored wool before they reach the basket. The rules of Zuma Deluxe are very simple. The cat works like a cannon and projectile balls of different colors will appear in its mouth. With the mouse you control the direction where you want to shoot. Aim and shoot with the left mouse button at a group of 2 or more consecutive balls of the same color to eliminate them. If there are no two consecutive balls of the same color, the ball-projectile will be attached to the chain. Each game level will end when you manage to eliminate all the balls. Accept the challenge and complete each level of this zuma game.


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